• Change your priorities: when you’re considering Diversity and Inclusion, don’t just consider gender, race and sexuality, but look at disability too. Disability intersects all areas of diversity and will impact most people at some point in their lives.
  • Talk directly to people with a disability, don’t assume they can’t speak for themselves.
  • Follow and share: get connected with WeThe15 social accounts and other disability rights organisations to understand and talk about the situation.
  • Remember that some disabilities are not visible.
  • Talk to your children about disability and teach disability rights in schools.
  • Celebrate differences and recognise the people with disabilities are humans too.
  • Be aware of stigmatising language (e.g. handicapped, wheelchair-bound) or using words thoughtlessly e.g. (lame, insane, OCD).
  • Respect wheelchairs as they are an extension of the person. Don’t lean on them or touch them without asking.