Get involved

Everybody’s actions count. You can play a part in making the WeThe15 campaign a success, to create a more inclusive world.

A boy is at his bedroom desk. He wears a black t-shirt with shorts. There are posters and a blue guitar in the background.
A boy and a grandma are on a boat. He is resting on her. He is wearing shorts and t-shirt and she has a bag on her lap.
A man is getting in his car. He is tall, with black hair and is wearing a grey suit with a black shirt.

Share the WeThe15 campaign

Reshare/retweet the campaign activity (film/social content/symbol) from the @WeThe15 channels. We need your help to get this message out there and simply resharing the campaign will have a massive impact on who we can reach.

Tools to do this (suggested posts, profile pictures, assets for download, educational content, gifs, OOH poster options etc) can be found in our toolkit.

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