Change attitudes about disability

  • People with a disability are the biggest minority population in the world, but they are hugely underrepresented in media and advertising. See people with a disability as an opportunity: it’s a group with huge purchasing power.
  • Ensure everyone within your organisation understands why inclusivity matters to the business, your brand and society.
  • Increase the number of people with disabilities in advertising and mainstream media.
  • Create an environment that allows people to be open about their disability and ask for accommodations.
  • Use your brand/power/influence to support the movement and influence change over time (this is a 10 year campaign, remember).

Increase mobility and accessibility

  • Ensure people with disabilities can access and experience your brand physically and digitally.
  • Ensure advertising campaigns are accessible with captions and audio descriptions.
  • Make air travel more accessible.
  • Champion inclusive design and carry out access audits to identify physical and information barriers that may exclude persons with disabilities.
  • Ensure fonts aren’t too small and that there’s a good contrast.
  • Support initiatives to make Assistive Technology - like wheelchairs, communication aids, walking sticks and hearing aids - available to the 900 million people that need them around the world.

Increase opportunities for people with a disability

  • Walk the walk: You wouldn’t do business with organisations that exclude women or people of different racial backgrounds so the same should be true for discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • Hire people with disabilities and ensure the workforce is committed to disability inclusivity within your organisation.
  • Commit to disability inclusivity within your organisation.